Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Year of Faith 14: On Labor

Year of Faith 14: On Labor: Is work purely a secular activity? Does it have a spiritual value? In the Collectio Rituum, a book of blessings, compiled by Msgr. Moises B. Andrade, Jr., it says in the introduction of the blessing of places of work,

"When we faithfully work, we present to God our activity thereby cleansing ourselves, continuing the work of creation in our endeavor, helping the needy
 and joining Christ the Redeemer in fulfilling His love."

Msgr. Andrade captured the very essence of work in the life of a Christian. Whenever I will bless an office, factory, or place for selling, I always remind the employees of this truth. Yes, they are there to earn a living, "maghanap-buhay!" But "buhay" is not just here on earth. We also regard the "kabilang-buhay". Thus, as Msgr. Andrade reminds, work with faith is a participation with God's work. It is a fulfillment of what God had entrusted in Genesis when He put us as stewards of Creation.

Work should make us holy! While the prospect of earning is always there, work should be seen as service to others. It is making good use of the time and talent God had given us. In the process, we are sanctified.Thus, when we get our pay, we should also be aware that we are receiving God's blessing. We are sustained physically and spiritually.

It is interesting to note that there are times when offices will ask a certain part of the building to be blessed because there were sightings of the supernatural. It produces a certain fear and anxiety to many. I always tell them that it is true there are spirits. But not all are bad spirits. If all employees try to live faithfully, morally, and honestly, there is no way the bad spirit can thrive in their place. Sometimes, the presence of the so called negative vibes in offices is because of the negative way of life of employees.

But going back, as Catholics, we see work, paid or unpaid, as a participation in God's work. God had never stopped working. He continues to work in and through us. Let us be sanctified by our work!

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