Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Year of Faith 09: On Creation

Year of Faith 09: On Creation: God created the everything. Genesis makes an account of those "seven days". For five days God filled the world with His creation and found it good! On the sixth day, God created man and He found it very good! Man is God's greatest creation. Man is God's crowning glory in creation. God also made man the steward of creation. It means man may make use of every creation 
for God's greater glory and man's salvation.
But man must respect creation. They are his sources of living too. If abused, then he will be his own victim. The present situation is already a testimony to it. While God assigned all creation under his authority, creation must be taken cared of and not misused, abused, and even underuse!
Since God is the author of creation, man should respect it. Any offense against creation is an offense against God. Thus, we can consider a disrespect on creation as a disrespect on God.
God promised not to destroy the world anymore after that Noah flood event. Until now He is true to His promise. But the world may still suffer destruction. This time, man, because of his greed and abuses, will instead effect the world's destruction. Global warming is a proof of this.
The Christian loves God and he expresses it by loving everything that God created!

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