Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Year of Faith 07: On Saints

Year of Faith 07: On Saints-On October 21 another Filipino will be canonized Saint, Pedro Calungsod. The first was San Lorenzo Ruiz. Who are Saints? Why do the Catholic Church believe in Saints? 
Saints are models of faith. They are not Gods. They are being recognized through the process of CANONIZATION. After examining their lives which were found in accordance with God's Will and crediting some 
miracles to them, they are elevated to persons worthy of emulation. They have proven that God is right. They obeyed God with their lives.
CANONIZATION did not make them Saints. Canonization recognized that they had been Saints all along. It was only during the canonization that they were officially and universally declared as Saints in the Catholic-dom. In a way, it is an offer to all Catholics to look at their lives and find things to imitate so that they will also benefit from their live.
We celebrate All Saints Day during the first of November. During the mass for the day, we include all the Saints declared by the Church. We specially recognize those who do not have a particular day during the year with which we celebrate their memorial or feast. Many of us go to the cemetery on this day. It is an expression of our faith. We believe that our love one, though still not canonized, is already one as far as we are concerned.
The second of November is reserved for All Souls, our faithful departed who had died but had not yet entered God's Kingdom. We continue to pray for them that they may soon be worthy of God's Kingdom. We want them to finally become saints.
Lastly, being a saint, contrary to what many think, is the normal fate of a Catholic Christian. They are not exceptions to the rule. Rather, they are the norm. We are called to holiness. We belong to God. Therefore, our destiny is God's Kingdom.
Be a Saint! God expects you to be!

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