Monday, January 4, 2010

There was a time...

The Feast of the Epiphany not only reminds us of the all-embracing love of God but also Jesus, the Word made flesh, as the Light as symbolized by the star that guided the Magi to the manger. Jesus had presented Himself in so many ways; the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Good Shepherd, the Prince of Peace, the Healer, Master etc. In the context of the the Epiphany, Jesus is the Light of the World. Prophet Isaiah referred to Him as the Great Light seen by the people in darkness. He is the Light that shone on those who dwell in endless doom. Jesus brings hope and enlightenment.

The Light of Jesus is not just brightness. It is more of understanding the life which God has given us. A deeper and apt appreciation of this opportunity to grace the paths of this world. There was a time when enemies must be hated, hurt, defeated, and even killed. When Jesus came, He taught His followers to love them instead! What to many was an absurd response, was for Jesus the best! There was a time when forgiveness may be given once, twice, or even thrice. Forgiveness has its limits. When Jesus came, He told His disciples to forgive not only seven times but seventy times seven! Meaning, endless! There was a time when death is seen as a negative experience; an experience of total loss, hopelessness and desperation. When Jesus came, He challenged His followers to even embraced it; teaching that dying to self would make one bear much fruit! The resurrection was His answer to the fangs of death. The resurrection brought death to death itself! And many others like; poverty, sorrow, imprisonment, meekness, etc. Jesus brought to enLightened life so that it could be lived to the full.

As followers of Christ, the Light, we can never lost. The Light provided by the Word and Deed of Jesus would assure as being on the Way all the time. Through the darkness of life, Jesus, the Light will see us through the tunnel up to the end where God's Light awaits!