Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Year of Faith 13: On Praying the Rosary

Year of Faith 13: On Praying the Rosary. Catholics had been criticized for praying the rosary. Repetitions, they say, are at least nonsense and utmost, pagan. Maybe pagan but we do not agree that it is nonsense. You only have to ask those w
ho sincerely pray it to know how much it had helped a lot of faithfuls in their faith.
The style of the rosary as an instrument of praying and the prayer it self is not original.Even before Christianity, similar prayer objects and praying already exists. In the Catholic tradition, St. Dominic is credited with it because he fully developed in his time.
Significant was the Battle at the sea of Lepanto, where Christendom was saved through the praying of the rosary from the invasion of the infidel Turks. Popes have declared a day for the intercession of our Lady with the devotion to the praying of the rosary due to the so many benefits obtained by the faithful and the Church.
Contrary to what other religions and even some Catholic faithful think, the rosary is Christ-centered. Its very content helps us meditate on the mystery of faith. It honors the Redeemer and His mother on the role they played in God's plan of salvation through the fifteen mysteries which later became twenty due to the addition of the luminous mysteries. This is very apt for prayer because the very object of each Catholic is to meditate on these truths. The very method used in praying the rosary; slow, repetitive, and reflective. Praying the Our Father, Hail Mary, and the Glory Be, seriously and letting their words penetrate our hearts makes us delight in the Lord and even welcome repeating those words of appreciation of the works done by Jesus and His mother.
Even bible-based and bible-fanatics should have no complaints because the psalms alone are full of repetitions. For us Filipinos, it is not a problem. In fact, it is a sign of sincerity ad endearment! Try saying "I love you!" three times in escalating tone and feelings to your love one and you will see the look of happiness on her/his face!
Let us pray the rosary!

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