Saturday, October 20, 2012

Service Not Lordship

Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time is about servant leadership. This is a most wanted quality among leaders in Jesus' time and most specially today. The leader, for Jesus, forgets himself and focuses on those entrusted under his care. This is attested by the proliferation of corruption, as an example, nowadays. Corruption is motivated by selfish intentions. Corruption happens when a leader asks 
for what he will get in return for what he will give in service. Precisely, Jesus reminded the apostles and Christians of today to take care not to fall under this trap. Service, that is being the slave of all, dominates the Christian heart!
Many times in the olden days, during political campaigns, candidates will visit places, reach out to thier constituents, and shake hands with them saying, "Ang inyong lingkod, pag-utusan po ninyo!" it was a perfect translation of what Jesus meant. If they were true to this promise, their people will definitely be served! But alas, such an attitude are already missing. If ever, they are good for a certain time but not during their whole term.
For Jesus, leadership is others first and self last! It is making use of what God has given for the service of others. Leaders usually are equipped with experience, responsibility, commitment, goodness of heart, intelligence, and conviction. If they use all of these for service and they have the willingness to give to the fullest, they are real servants according to the standards of Christ.
This is a great challenge for the leaders of today. Hopefully they will start with themselves here and now. They could not point to the next leaders to make the sacrifice. The call is today, wherever they are.
Jesus knew what He was saying. When we serve others, all will benefit. When we serve only ourselves, few will benefit.
A story is told about heaven and hell. It says that heaven and hell are mostly the same save for those souls who are in it. In hell, as in heaven, all food are abundant and all souls possess stiff and straightened hands, and unbendable bodies. They walk like zombies. Hell is hell because each resident soul tries to feed himself. But because of the stiff and straight hands, he could not feed himself. He is left salivating for the food around him. Heaven on the other hand is the same except that all souls serve each other! They reach out for food and serve that food to everyone. In the end, others serve him too. Thus, everybody savor the food around.
If we do the same here on earth, we will have heaven on earth! As it is, hell seems to be the prevailing experience!

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