Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Year of Faith 17: On Devotions

Year of Faith 17: On Devotions: Do you have a devotion? These are religious activities usually associated with praying combined with visiting a church and done regularly like: Novenas to Our Mother of Perpetual Help, St. Jude, Sacred Heart, Sto. Nino, Black Nazarene, St. Anthony of Padua, San Juan Nepomuceno, St. Alphonsus of Liguori, St. Fr. Pio, etc. These devotions are part of the heritage of t
he Catholic Church and had greatly assisted so many Catholic faithfuls.
Devotions are seen as the feeling or emotional side of the faithful. It maybe mostly motivated by the need to ask for particular graces, but it actually links faith and action. A true devotee does not measure the devotion on the gifts received but on the maturity he/she acquires in living a truly Christian life. In other words, devotions should make him/her a better Christian both in word and in deed.
The act of devotion itself has a lot to do with accomplishing this. The prayer contains certain truths that are being repeated and stressed. The goal is not to inform but to remind. It is like a mantra, when constantly uttered and imbibed mentally, will prod the devotee to act. The regular praying of the devotion, e.g. every Wednesday, Friday, or any day, commits the devotee to the devotion and is always refreshed by the same prayer. Needless to say, the devotee always look forward to the devotion and not burdened by it. The devotee is never bored in it. The devotee is not only concerned with just doing it again and again but with what to do with it in facing life's challenges.
The devotion should not be seen as a magical instrument that when done, lo and behold, something spectacular will happen. Precisely, in adopting it, the devotee believes that it is effective. And if the devotee sees the the devotion as a catalyst between faith and action, then he had entered into a meaningful and fruitful exercise of worship!

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