Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Year of Faith 18: On Being on Time for Mass. The common question here had always been up to what of the mass may one still come in and still be not considered as late or discredited for it? Different answers may have been given to this question but it will always miss the point. Barring any reasonable excuse, one should always be at mass at least in time, or earlier at most. The reasons for this a
re too many and important.
Foremost of these is that it is about meeting the Lord. It is not just any kind of meeting. It is meeting with the most important person in your life! God deserves your full attention and commitment. A date with God should not be missed for the world. If you give importance to some people in your lives by seeing to it that you meet your meetings and dates with them, why not with God?
Second, every part of the mass is important. They are parts that make the whole. Saying that you can enter at a certain time and still believe that you had fulfilled your participation, is being guilty of minimalism. You should should know better and not fall into the devils temptation and goal for you to settle for less! Each part also connects to the next. The liturgy is made in such a way that you are treated to a meaningful and fruitful encounter with the living God. Missing some parts amounts to being out of context and disconnected in the celebration.
Third, it is a community celebration. You attend mass to pray with the community and not alone. Thus, it is best that everyone is there at the same time. Being on time is a sign of respect too! As a community of believers praying, praising, singing, asking, and glorifying together, is the best sign for God's presence.
Next time, be on time!

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